Saturday, May 4, 2013

Your Work does not define your Human Worth!

Our American culture defines our worth as human beings by Hollywood’s standards: your age, attractiveness, verbal skills, intelligence, education, profession, job, income, net-worth, charisma, etcetera.   The young and beautiful are more valuable than the old and ugly; the living are more valuable than the unborn; the eloquent are more valuable than the inarticulate; smart, educated, white-collar professionals are more valuable than stupid, ignorant, blue-collar workers; those with higher incomes/net-worth are more valuable than those with lower incomes/net-worth; charismatic, extroverted people are more valuable than boring, introverted people.  The list could go on.

All these worldly standards are simply false!  How about adopting God’s standard which defines your human worth as priceless?  The old and ugly are as valuable as the young and attractive; the unborn are as valuable as the living; the stupid and ignorant are as valuable as the smart and educated; blue-collar workers are as valuable as white-collar professionals; lower-income folks are as valuable as higher-income people; the penniless homeless guy is as valuable as the rich powerful man.  Your work and what you have and what you've done does not define your human worth!  In the eyes of God each and every one of us are priceless! 
The world and all its cravings for prestige, power, profit, and pleasure do not last.  But the one who follows God's will lasts forever.

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