Thursday, April 17, 2014

Giving Up on the Human Race

There are times when I feel like giving up on the human race!  Throughout my life experiences, I'm constantly amazed at the new depths mankind can sink to.  Everyday we all hear bad news of murder, mayhem, rape, robbery, war, injustice, hatred, lies, scandal, and many other evil deeds too numerous to count.  When we drive our vehicles out on the highways, especially in our crowded cities or shopping center parking lots, it's rare to see polite drivers.  When we go to work we're confronted with poor management, political posturing, juvenile, high school, two-faced and back-stabbing behavior.  Our superiors, coworkers, colleagues, customers, and neighbors can be so petty, caddy, and vindictive.  My word, I don't think there's hardly an altruistic or kind-hearted bone in anybody.  People in general are so self-centered and don't seem to give a damn about anyone except themselves....  And then I remind myself of that God so loved the world that he gave his only Son!  God could have given up on the human race a long time ago, but He didn't.  I guess I shouldn't either.  Have a Good Friday and a Happy Easter.

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